The Planning of the A1-M1 link now the A14 was a sign to ORS of potential development in the Kettering area.

Two sites were taken under a Promotion Option - approximately 30 acres on the outskirts of Kettering, the other some 15 acres on the edge of Burton Latimer, which adjoins the A6 and A14.

The Kettering site was granted consent at Appeal. Detailed consent was granted for 200 homes, the site having been sold by the landowner's agent to Barratt Homes.

A further area of land for c. 110 houses was controlled via access through the Barratt site. ORS retained the necessary rights and after several years obtained the additional consent, on land owned by Corus (ex British Steel). The site has been acquired by Persimmon Homes.

The Burton Latimer site was negotiated through the planning system with consent granted in November 1994 and sold through Henry H. Bletsoe, Chartered Surveyors, to Wilcon Homes.