Since September 1987 when ORS commenced its Land Promotion,
we have all witnessed a considerable change in the Planning System
especially by the introduction of PPG3 and PPG25.

Planning gain requirements under Section 106 Agreements are increasing and we believe this trend will continue. Having said that, land values have correspondingly increased and the dearth of new houses being built, due to the protracted planning system, is one of the main reasons. New legislation is constantly being published with new issues being raised at the planning promotion stage thereby making the system more complicated. In our opinion, a specialist organisation such as ORS will considerably aid in a site's planning promotion.

I am very proud of my Company's track record in successfully dealing with both large and small sites. We have achieved allocations for thousands of houses together with some large areas of commercial land.

Our objective is to take all the risk, fund the necessary consultants and only share in the benefits of the site if we successfully obtain planning permission and when the site is sold by competitive tender in the open market. This is our greatest strength. We do not build houses so our rewards come from maximising site values. Finally, and most importantly to landowners, we pay a promotion fee which is non-returnable if we are unsuccessful.

If you own either green or brown field sites, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach with you in greater detail.

Chris Kilroy