An 83 acre site, owned by Co-op Farms, which did not appear in the Consultation Draft Local Plan, but after consistent lobbying with the Parish Council and recognising their need for a substantial laid-out public open space of 12 acres in that part of the village, the Local Authority replaced the previously selected site with this site in the Deposit Plan.

Notwithstanding this, however, ORS made a planning application in August 1989 and painstakingly worked on resolving all the problems which arose, resulting in a planning consent for residential development, community facilities, open space and retail store being granted virtually 10 years later.

The site is now being developed by Taywood Homes Limited, Persimmon Homes Limited and Matthew Homes Limited for approximately 625 houses. The Co-operative Society retained ownership of the site for a foodstore.

A substantial site which required patience as well as a good professional team.